Invest in Sweden - we make it possible

We encourage investment and attract investors from all countries to Sweden.

Sweden has a strong economy and political stability, freedom, genuine democracy and industrial progress, and freedom of commercial trading.

In addition, Sweden offers a free education system, health care, unique social insurance policies, a high level of protection, respect for human rights, cultural diversity, strict and efficient laws, and a constitutional government.

That is why we a group of professional venture advisors assists the entrepreneur to achieve his goal throughout venture creation or existing venture development.

We try to understand the client’s need, and based on his work experience and qualifications, help analyzing his skills and advise the best solution, we develop the business plan, prepare the company for launch, advice on specific functions, such as manufacturing, inventory control, human resources, business relations, management till the hand over, interior design and set up, marketing tools and public sector relations.

We provide all guidance and assistance for the investors, as well as solve any problems they might encounter, so we can keep all these attractive conditions and advantages, primarily to maintain and strengthen the Swedish economy which could withstand all storms of economic downtrend that the mightiest nations in the world have been subject to, and to enable serious investors to benefit from these advantages.

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